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Hi everybody!

We inform you that the band Hecate Enthroned has postponed its European Tour, so they have canceled their date for the 15th of May in Saint-Jean-De-Vedas - France. Hopefully, the show is maintained and Operadyse will play with Silent Opera (Power/Death Metal from France).
Hope to see you there ;)

Keep The Flame!!


New live date scheduled for the 15th of May 2014,
at "Secret Place" in Saint-Jean-de-Vedas - France!
Operadyse will open the show for Hecate Enthroned
(Symphonic Black/Death Metal band from UK)


We are proud to present the new Operadyse's line-up!

Please join me in welcoming Vincent Labelle (from Death Metal band Antropofago)
and Gianni Nardone (keyboards) as drummer and kerboardist respectively!

Vincent and Gianni are both a very talented musician with impressive skills on their
respective instruments! We are very glad and proud to have them on board!

We are looking forward to touring with them.
More live news will be available soon!

Keep The Flame!!!

The Operadyse Crew ;)


Operadyse is sad to announce the leaving of Emmanuel Colombier and Bastien Sablé.

Emmanuel has to be concentrated on his main band Ultra Vomit.
You can follow Emmanuel with Ultra Vomit here.

Bastien has decided to go deeper in his passion for photography.
You can follow Bastien on his website here.

We sincerely thanks them for their hard work for Operadyse, their talent and their

We wish them the best for their respective projects!


New live date scheduled for the 19th of April 2014,
at "La Scène Michelet" in Nantes - France!
With Veil Of Sin, Adrana and Lost Opera
More info available soon.
Stay tuned!


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Exclusive interview of Damien Marco and Franck Garcia in Paris by Sons Of Metal!


European, US and Canadian releases of Pandemonium Album are out now! :)
(Released by Sonic Attack / SPV and distributed by SPV)

Released and distributed respectively by:


You can find an exclusive interview of Operadyse in the French metal magazine Metallian n°80.


The new trailer of Pandemonium is now on the SPV Official youTube Channel!


Japanese release of Pandemonium is out now!
(Released and distributed by Avalon Marquee)

Released and distributed by: